Our Philosophy

 Build and create the harmonious world we imagine is possible.  Value people over achievements.  Commit to continuous improvement.  

We think we stand out from other theatre companies as a group who fosters a harmonious, safe environment in which to explore our passion for performing.  We all signed a mutual respect, no-gossip policy when we formed the company in early 2018, and we are committed to building each other up through supportive collaboration.  The Artistic Director is highly open to feedback from all actors and staff and all company members are encouraged to voice their ideas.  This open-door, respect-driven company environment leads to happy people who recognize their own worth and have the confidence onstage to make amazing things happen.  The result is laughter that makes you cry.

The Exuberants  have all spent many long hours and many dollars at UCB and PIT improv schools and in various universities around the world in conservatory, BFA, and MFA theatre/acting programs.  Each and every member of The Exuberants is an entrepreneur, taking on financial risk to pursue the dream he/she/they imagine is possible.

Even if you’ve never seen a show with us before, we ask you to take a chance, and we promise to deliver and wild, funny, and unforgettable night!

Our Mission

Help theatre-going audiences celebrate the high points of life with improv comedy.  Provide FREE touring improv comedy shows to those who can’t get to the theatre often.  Create a vibrant community of actors who control their own artistic destinies.


Sean A. Mulvihill, Artistic Director
Maranda Rossi
Greg Hudson
Alyssa Joanlanne
Leah Griff
Sean Gibbs
Dylan Harrison
Lars Montanaro