8 Improv Acting Tips to Create the Best Scenes Possible – By Liz T.

“Improv acting is believed to be one of the most fun types of acting, and although it may not look hard, it is also one of the most difficult forms of acting! It requires constantly being on your toes, because you never know what will happen next in your scene. Many of the actors that have performed on popular shows like Saturday Night Live have studied the craft for many years, performing with improv troupes across the country, such as The Second City and The Groundlings. Here are my top improv acting tips for helping you improve your skills.” :


Company Member Profile: Maranda Rossi

Maranda Rossi is so excited to be a part of The Exuberants! Maranda was born and raised in Ohio, and later received her BFA in Musical Theatre from The Shenandoah Conservatory. Maranda also loves to improvise with The Murder Mystery Company, and Improv4kids. Maranda is best known for her role as a cat mom on her instagram @marandaequality, but her other notable roles include A Forever Frozen Story Intl tour ( Snow Queen), Beauty and the Beast (Belle), Reefer Madness ( Mary Lane), She Loves Me (Amalia), and South Pacific ( Nellie). 

Company Member Profile: Kristin McGuire

Kristin McGuire is originally from Chicago and has been moving between LA and NYC for the past couple years pursuing acting and comedy. She is a student at Upright Citizens Brigade and performs improv and stand-up all over the city. Kristin has appeared on Royal Pains and many independent films and has performed voice-over on the television shows Master of None, Search Party, Bull, Instinct, The Last OG and many more. Kristin is also a musician and singer; she plays ukulele, violin, and piano and dances at Broadway Dance Center. Check out her website: kristin-mcguire.com or on social media: wheezymcg.

Company Member Profile: Greg Hudson

Greg Hudson grew up in a very safe, very rich suburb by Portland, Oregon. He fell in love with improv in Madison, Wisconsin whilst hungover on a Sunday morning and in desperate need of friends. He improvised with Atlas Improv Company there before moving to New York City to attend the Atlantic Acting School and the Magnet Theater training programs. He now improvises with the Exuberants. To see pretty pictures of Greg, go to greghudsonactor.com.

How Improv Comedy Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur – By Kate Volman

“Improv comedy is a lot like trying to start a business. In both settings, you might have an idea of where you want to go, but you have to think on your feet and react in real time if you want to get there. You have to win over an audience and get them on your side.

In both settings, you’re probably going to meet with failure from time to time. But, in business just as with comedy, how you learn from those failures can be the difference between succeeding in the future and going through the same old motions you’ve always known.

Watch the video clip at the web address below as Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman and improv comedian Anthony Francis explain how you can use improv strategies when building your business.”



Company Member Profile: Charlotte Smart

Charlotte Smart is an actor and playwright with a background primarily in Shakespeare and Commedia Dell’arte, skills she honed while earning her MA at the University of Chicago. Additionally, she tampered in Living History reenactment, an experience which helped shape and influence her first play, in early production now. She can only adopt an American Southern inflection as far as accents go, but can do a mean goat impression. This has proven a hit at both parties and the Central Park Petting Zoo.

Company Member Profile: Ben Aaron

Ben Aaron is a New York City based actor, singer, comedian, voice actor, improviser and writer. He has studied improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade, acting at the Barrow Group, voice acting at Edge Studios, singing at Vocal Workout, and comedy at being an alcoholic. He has performed many wonderful auditions. You can see him performing regularly with the indie improv teams Commitment Issues Temporarily and the Authorities, as well as with the Complete Theatre Company. Follow him on Twitter @BenAaronComedy. For booking or compliments you can reach him at benaaroncomedy@gmail.com.

5 Reasons Why Studying Improv Will Make You Brilliant at Business – By Kate Orgera

“Acting has gained a negative connotation over hundreds, if not thousands, of years for being, essentially, ‘lying.’ But just as startups wish to show how good business is not about greed or cheating, good acting is not about lying—in fact, good acting empowers you to put your best self forward.”

Read Kate’s article at:  https://www.startupinstitute.com/blog/2016-08-11-benefits-of-improv-in-business