Dr. Daniel J. Wiener Audio Interview

Dr. Daniel Wiener, Author, Rehearsals for Growth talks about the safety needed to improvise in a therapy session.

Act Social
A Documentary Feature film

Summary: In a selfish society where people “delete” whoever doesn’t agree with them, Act Social explores the healing potential of applied improvisation. Features famed improv comedian Colin Mochrie of Whose Line is it, Anyway?

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Starring:Colin Mochrie, Whose Line is it, Anyway?Bob Kulhan, CEO, Business ImprovGary Rudoren, Annoyance TheatreBarbara Tint, President, Applied Improvisation Network
Dr. Daniel Wiener, Author, Rehearsals for Growth
Nisha Sajnani, Program Director, NYU School of Drama TherapyMaria Hodermarska, Drama Therapist, Project Common Bond and NYUBrad Fortier, Spontaneous VillageAndy Eninger, Second City
Norm Laviolette, Founder, Improv AsylumBrendan Fitzpatrick, Tuesday’s Children
Dr. Mary Tyzkiewicz, Heroic Improv

Directed by
Sean A. Mulvihill