All-American Living Room

All-American Living Room by The Exuberant Theatre Company is America’s Premiere Parody of something that you didn’t realize needed to be parodied: Your Living Room.

Have you ever been on the couch with friends or family wondering, “Why aren’t our lives exciting like the ones we see on TV?”  In the All-American Living Room by The Exuberant Theatre Company, a group of friends goes from “shooting the bull” on a couch to a hilarious, rolicking adventure through America and the world!   This virtousic ensemble of actors each play a myriad of different characters with impressive technique.  The show is partially interactive: at a couple points, you’ll even have a say in the action, so get ready to talk back to the TV!

Show takes place in the historic and lovely Broadway Comedy Club in NYC.

1 hour running time.


Greg Hudson
Maranda Rossi
Jeremy Sapadin
Dakota Hallahan
Max Baudisch
Sean Gibbs
Jett Mann
Nisarah Lewis
Leah Griff
Matthew Tiemstra
Alyssa Joanlanne
Austin Cassel
Brianne Morse
Chrissy Carroll
Karina Mikhli
Minas Fakrajian
Sean A. Mulvihill

Directed by Sean A. Mulvihill