What Makes Us Unique?

Photo above at post-performance Q&A after SASF Speak Week Show in the Bronx. Pictured company members (left to right): Olya Grynko, Riley Stanzione, Sean A. Mulvihill, Ben Aaron, and Charlotte Smart.

We all know that there are lots and lots of options for actors looking to join an indie improv team in New York City. So what makes us different?

Well, for one, Exuberants are committed to a healthy, supportive, and respectful rehearsal environment.  We all have signed a “mutual respect-no gossip” policy.

Second, we will seek paying work for our members whenever possible.

Third, we are committed to constant and never-ending improvement. It’s not about being the best team ever, it’s just about each member working on one’s self and superseding what we did last time even by a fraction of a percent. I listened slightly better. I was a little more out of my head. Fundamentals are the key.

Fourth, we are committed to community service by providing free shows to those who need them.

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