Stupid Honest Physical Comedy and Clown with Sean A. Mulvihill

Intensive Workshop with Actor Sean A. Mulvihill (The Exuberant Theatre Company)

Learn the principles of theatrical clown (e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton) as well as composition techniques for creating clown routines.  

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019

2-8 P.M.

92 St Y, 1395 Lexington Ave.


The main principle of theatrical clown work is to live in “ambiguity.”  When an infant is observed, there is ambiguity, capriciousness, and unpredictability. The baby wants an object one moment then throws it aways.  The baby laughs then cries for no visible reason.  Sometimes the baby stares at a person without any indications of thought whatsoever.  

The theatrical clown, like the baby, is an enigma, and fascinating to watch.  The adult actor though, unlike the infant, has learned to repress capriciousness, impulsiveness, and ambiguity.  The adult theatrical clown must learn to re-create this sensation of ambiguity through technique.

 We begin by discovering your clown persona through observation, games, and exercises.  You will remove your veils of “I have it together” and “I’m the normal one” in order to reveal your clown self.  Then we will focus on how your clown persona interacts with objects, other people, and the world through composition exercises and performance.

Actor Sean A. Mulvihill holds an MFA in Physical Theatre from the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy.  He toured two years in Italy with Turin-based physical and musical theatre company, Action Theatre and has studied clown with Teatro C’Art (Andre Casaca, Castelfiorentino, Italy), Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice (Turin, Italy), and Familie Floz (Bjorn Leese, Berlin, Germany).  Sean’s solo clown show, Velo, premiered at the Rooted Moon International Theatre Festival in Sardegna, Italy in July 2016.  Watch “Velo” below:




“I want to worry about my work, not my presentations about my work.”
–Jamie Elizabeth Allen, visual artist and student



Life demands improvisation, especially in business.  

You work hard to craft an incredible product or service.  So when it comes to presenting and selling that work to others, why should you get nervous?  Learn improvisation skills in order to think on your feet in that big presentation or in a meeting with that big client.  The nerves will melt away and you’ll be able to be simply…you.

Find clarity amid the chaos, pay complete attention, and react to any challenge with confidence.  Improvisers trust they have the tools to solve the present crisis, and if they don’t have the tools–they invent them, then and there. 

Improvisers always listen and take initiative.  So take that initiative now by signing up for improvisation training.

The Exuberants Improv Comedy Team teaches workshops using our “Yes..and” communication method. The training is FUN and benefits are instantly apparent and applicable to any work environment.

Our introductory 3-hour workshop:

One-hour interactive show: demonstrating the possibility of creating something out of nothing and solving complex problems quickly as a team.

Two-hour interactive workshop: thorough introduction to “Yes…and” communication. Learn how to accept the given circumstances and solve problems with radical listening.

The workshop consists of fun group exercises where you will have a good time while learning to listen, be attentive, be expressive, and stay calm and centered under pressure. 


Entrepreneur Magazine called: “How Improv Comedy Can Seriously Grow Your Business”:

Forbes Magazine “Why Improv Training is Great Business Training”:


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Sean A. Mulvihill is best known around the globe for creating and starring in the 2007 docu/drama feature film, Living Luminaries: On the Serious Business of Happiness. The film stars Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now), Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements), and Michael Bernard Beckwith.

He is also recognized as the voice of the main character, Prometheus, in the Sony Playstation Virtual Reality game, “Loading Human.”  The game is written and directed by Italian actor/director Flavio Parenti, star of Woody Allen’s “To Rome with Love.”  Sean also appeared in an upcoming episode of RAI Italy’s “Questo Nostro Amore” with Neri Marcore’.

Currently he resides in New York City and is the Artistic Director of the Exuberant Improv Comedy Team which performs in Times Square New York City at the Broadway Comedy Club every Sunday at 6pm.  The troupe also tours the greater NYC area, performing approximately 100 shows a year.

Abroad, Mr. Mulvihill starred in Action Theatre’s 2016-17 Italian National Tours of “Here Comes the Train,” “Festivity Planet,” “The Monster,” and “Franky Goes to Hollywood.”  He also directed musical theatre camps for the Torino, Italy-based company.

A trained clown and mime, Sean is the creator of a solo show called “Velo,” about a opera-singing clown who misses his train and gets locked in the station overnight.  The show premiered at the Rooted Moon Theatre Festival in Sardegna, Italy in July 2016.

Other original works include his solo sci-fi storytelling show, I Promise,” in which the actor embodies numerous characters and creates lush and detailed environments using just the voice and body.  He transports us to an invisible world with Gods and aliens that only the “truly devoted” can see.matrix

The multi-faceted performer holds an MFA in Physical Theatre from the Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo, Italy and a BFA in Acting from the University of Southern California.  Sean has studied storytelling, clown, acting for the camera, Linklater voice, Stanislavski-based acting, Michael Chekhov work, mime, polyphonic singing, Laban movement work, and contact improv.   The actor-writer has also studied acrobatics and juggling with Flic Circus School in Torino, Italy; clown with Andre’ Casaca of Teatro C’Art in Castelfiorentino, Italy; LeCoq training with Philip Radice Atelier Fisico in Torino; mask acting with Familie Floz of Berlin; and extended voice at the Roy Hart Theatre in Malerargues, France.

Living Luminaries in German

Living Luminaries in German

Mr. Mulvihill is a fluent Italian speaker and resided in both Tuscany and Torino, Italy.  Before living in Europe, he called Los Angeles home for many years and appeared in several films, television shows, and music videos.

Mulvihill is an accomplished legit theatre performer and comedian who got his start on the stage in the Chicago area as a child.  He was twice named to the Illinois High School Theatre Festival’s “All-State” acting cast.  Sean has been a member of the Actors Equity Association (AEA), the stage actors’ union, since 2006, and has worked in regional theatres around the USA.  His talent as a host, actor, and singer has netted him gigs as varied as a singing gondolier at the Venetian Macau in China, to doing crowd warmup for the San Jose Holiday Parade and the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade.

Sean scored near-perfect scores on the verbal portions of the SAT and ACT college entrance exams, and colleagues have always known him as a wordsmith.  He has always taken the initiative to write and produce his own work, and began directing local theatre in Bolingbrook, Illinois at 9 years old.  Beginning at the age of 15, he wrote, directed, and produced approximately 40 episodes of variety cable television in the Chicago area.  His original shows consisted of sketch, interview, live performance, and a live audience call-in portion.  In L.A. his stageplay “Hooks” was produced by the Brand New Theatre, and he has three completed feature film scripts. He is the President of Hollywood Happiness Studios, which was founded May 2010.  He founded The Exuberant Theatre Company in February 2017.